Welcome to the web-site of the fan Mortal Kombat project : Mortal Kombat : Shinobi.

10 December 2010.
Scorpion bio released.

14 November 2010.
Ermac bio and new damn hot Sub-zero vs Scorpion video. Must see.

05 September 2010.
New screens added in the gallery. Check them.

14 February 2010.
Six new screens in the gallery.

09 February 2010.
Rain alpha test video (new moves and SFX only, sprites haven`t been changed yet)

17 January 2010.
12 new screenshots.

01 January 2010.
New Hydro bio, some screens and 3 new videos are released. Happy holidays.

12 September 2009.
New video realesed. Also check out some other sections of the site.

21 July 2009.
Cyrax bio added.

7 June 2009.
New screenshots with Cyrax and Tekunin warrior added.

19 May 2009. Tara first video!.
Hey-hey, folks! You can see new exclusive video with Tara. Dont forget, it just the begining, alpha-testing of character. Have a nice day. =)

12 May 2009. Elle bio is here.
Just check out characters page.

11 May 2009. Some updates.
Hello everybody. 2 new updates are here. I`m sure, allmost all of your have seen new Jade video, but check out sektor page (in characters). Have a good day. =)

25 april 2009. A new custom soldier was created
It bears the name Ninja and appear to be a generic ninja character. His powers are very specific for a classic ninja design - Shuriken throws, tetsubishi and other deadly hidden stuff. Not as powerful as LinKueiCyberUnit, but still a tricky opponent.Screenshots coming soon are already in the gallery.

11 april 2009. We are opened!
Hello everybody! This is a great day to open our site. Our site will track down all information about MK:Shinobi fan project by Borg117 and Phoboss.
All information about the projects, all new screnshots and video will be posted in this web-page. You will find here all known and unknown information about coming game.